Nook Pod at Channel Tools' mobile and IoT ideas link with workspace extender

Channel Tools' mobile and IoT ideas link with workspace extender

The Do Company, innovators of a private and collaborative workspace called Nook Pod, have chosen Channel Tools as their strategic partner for Europe. This partnership will allow both organisations to extend their European reach and will allow Channel Tools to extend their reach in key verticals involving Intelligent Spaces, including Workspace and Events. Channel Tools aims to develop further technology integration with the product, to provide a connected digital solution.

Zoe Magee (below), CEO of Mobile and IoT at Channel Tools said “We were excited about The Nook Pod from our very first meeting with David. There was a clear vision on how The Nook fitted into our business proposition to our customers. Our IoT-enabled mobile and engagement platforms, as well as interactive event applications, will extend the Nook as an off the shelf workstation.”

David O’Coimin, CEO and Founder at the Do Company said “We are relishing the opportunity to demonstrate how smart and agile workspace pods will help address the serious challenges in open offices in this age of remote working, co-working, flexible contracts and agile workplaces.  Nook Pods solve a broad range of concentration and innovation-sapping issues typically found in the workscape while offering a quiet refuge from noisy busy spaces. With the addition of key technology integrations, we want the Nook to become the smartest and most connected off-the-shelf workstation in the world."

Submitted by John Garratt on October 8, 2018


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